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About the Gorey House

In 1979 Edward Gorey purchased the 200 year-old sea captain’s home at 8 Strawberry Lane on the Yarmouth Port Common, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. After his death in 2000 the house became a museum, dedicated to Gorey’s life and work and his devotion to animal welfare. The house and its annual Gorey exhibits are open to the public from April through December.

Our MissionThe Edward Gorey House celebrates and preserves the life and works of Edward Gorey, an American author, illustrator, playwright, set and costume designer. In honor of his legacy, The House, owned and lived in by Gorey himself, displays his diverse and extraordinary talents and reflects his distinct personality. The House also honors Gorey's passion and concern for animals, raising awareness about local and national animal welfare issues. As a dedicated commemoration to Gorey, the House strives to educate and inspire its visitors, offering a unique introduction to Edward Gorey, the artist and person.

Animal WelfareAs reflected through his works and his generosity to various animal welfare organizations, Edward Gorey was a great advocate of animals, large and small, all over the world.

The following are some of the organizations Edward expressed a fondness for in his lifetime.
We are also working closely with Tufts Veterinary School in an effort to raise awareness about other animal welfare causes on the Cape and all over Massachusetts through collaborative exhibits and programs.

The Edward Gorey House is proud to include these organizations in our mission to promote animal welfare:

Tufts Veterinary School, Grafton, MA
Tufts offers an encompassing education in modern veterinary medicine with an innovative, flexible curriculum, enabling students to pursue careers in veterinary medicine and providing them with outstanding opportunities to model the best in themselves through their compassionate care of animals, including their health, welfare and conservation.
Tufts has developed five signature programs that push the traditional boundaries of veterinary medicine: International Veterinary Medicine, Wildlife Medicine, Equine Sports Medicine, Veterinary Biotechnology and Ethics and Values in Veterinary Medicine. They also have a Center for Animals and Public Policy that leads the profession in the study of the role of animals in our society.
Bat Conservation International Foundation, Austin, Texas
To protect and restore bats and their habitats worldwide.
Teach people to understand and value bats as essential allies, through education.
Protect critical bat habitats and encourage others to join in conservation efforts.
Advance scientific knowledge through research about bats, their conservation needs and the ecosystems that rely on them.
Rely on non-confrontational approaches to facilitate win-win solutions that help both bats and people.
Animal Rescue League of Boston - Cape Cod Branch, Brewster, MA
Assist and protect animals by providing rescue, investigation, adoption, and medical services. They place special emphasis on humane education programs, sponsoring outreach and education programs such as the Animal Friends Summer Camp on Cape Cod.
Established in 1921 as a branch of Animal Rescue League of Boston. There are also branches in Dedham, Salem and our NEW animal care and adoption center in Pembroke at 599 Washington Street.
Maintains an animal shelter on Cape Cod, rescues pets and wildlife, restores lost pets to owners, forces Massachusetts laws against cruelty to animals, shelters pets whose elderly owners can no longer care for them and neuter and spay animals.
Xerces Society, Portland, OR
An international non-profit organization dedicated to protecting biological diversity through invertebrate conservation.
Focus on public education about invertebrates and conservation projects that demonstrate their critical roles in endangered ecosystems around the globe.
Strengthen the basis of conservation policies with scientific knowledge and public understanding about butterflies.